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You can speak to one of our agents by contacting us via email, phone or live chat. Here are more details of how to reach us and how we'll serve you.

We Have a 24/7 Live Customer Service Desk

Finance Exam Help is a proud server of a multitude of students on a global scale. We receive several service requests each hour from our esteemed clients. And, the company understands that being by the clients' side to solve their puzzles instantaneously is key to maintaining a good relationship between us. That's why we have invested in a service desk that is active all the time.

We have employed many, qualified customer service representatives who work in shifts to meet the sheer volume of requests that we have. Therefore, no student has to wait for longer than two minutes to be served. In most cases, we serve you the same minute we receive your request. Our immediate responses are ever relevant and straight to the point because they come from seasoned and insightful personnel who are described below.

Our Customer Care Team is Peerless

Behind our swift responses is a competent team of customer care representatives who have put your needs ahead of everything. The team comprises of highly insightful personnel who are also fluent and experienced in handling customer requests, especially emergency concerns. They understand how to come up with workable solutions for your problems, which makes them fast and straight to the point.

The fluent individuals will address you in easy-to-understand English. Ask them to advise you on payment delay issues, order update concerns, refund queries, et cetera, and receive the appropriate answer that you need. Meanwhile, trust them for availability at all times regardless of your time zone.

How to Contact Us

Contacting us is free and easy. And, we have several contact options available for you; that is, email, phone, and live chat. Expect the fastest and most relevant response from any of the contact avenues. You can also use the contact channels to place an order. Meanwhile, apart from the live chat option that is available on all our pages, here are the other two contact links:

Email: info@financeexamhelp.com

Phone: +1 678 648 4277