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Cancellation and Refund Policy

We aim at ensuring that every student is satisfied with the service received from us. Therefore, we've drafted a cancellation and refund policy that will help guard against losses for our clients. The clause explains when a client is eligible for full/partial refunds, how refunds are processed, and more.

Cancellation Policy

Our company only accepts cancellations requested within 2 hours after placing an order for regular orders. However, we only accept cancellations for emergency orders within 10 minutes after order placement. Any requests beyond the mentioned times will not be considered.

Our Refund Guarantee

Finance Exam Help is responsible to delivering all orders according to the client's needs and within the deadline. Failure to do so will result to a partial or full reimbursement according to this policy.

First things first, our money-back guarantee period is 5 days. Meaning, you have five days to ask for a refund, after which we will not process your reimbursement request. We're proud to receive minimal refund requests because we always go out of the way to deliver the best quality of work at the right time. This is what even gives us the courage to offer a money-back guarantee. Meanwhile, if you need a refund, we require you to send is a message with the reason for your refund request.

We offer Partial/Full Refunds When:

  • No writer is assigned your order: - In this case, we offer full refund for the amount paid. Please note, however, that such cases are minimal, and that we will always let you know about it as soon as possible to avoid wasting your precious time.
  • Wrong service/order is delivered despite correct information provided by the student: - We will offer full refund after attempting to find the misplaced order.
  • The customer decides to cancel the order: - Here, we will offer partial/full refund depending on the amount of commitment and attention already given to the order by the time of cancellation.
  • Late delivery: - We do not intend to deliver your solutions late but it may happen in emergency situations, for example, when our writer gets ill. We'll refund you partially with an amount that compensates you for the time lost

You Do Not Qualify for a Refund When:

  1. Quality work is delivered: - If the work delivered meets all your instructions and earns you a good grade, you shall not be entitled to any refund.
  2. Edits or formatting orders: - In case you asked for edits or formatting on content originally written by you, we shall not be liable for any plagiarism issues unless plagiarism removal was part of the work you asked us to do.
  3. Requirements for the order are changed by you: - We always work with instructions sent to us the first time. If you need to change your instructions, you will be required to pay for a new order.
  4. No good reason for refund is given: - We only process refunds when the reason for reimbursement is acceptable by this refund policy. Therefore, we need you to specify the reason concisely while filing your request, failure to which we may not process the refund.

Work was sent in time and a revision was asked for: - We allow revisions but that doesn't mean that the work was not done.

Refund Processing

Once we confirm your refund request, we will process it for not more than seven days from the conformation date. Plus, we are not help responsible for any bank delays, transfer fees, or any other anomalies.